Accounting Services

All major business decisions begin with a solid accounting foundation and we believe there isn’t a business function more critical to your success. Whether it’s simple training for your team to get back on track or a fully outsourced accounting department, we’re here to make sure your accounting is done right, at any stage of your business’ life cycle.

Payroll Facilitation Services

Payroll issues can cost your business thousands. Outsourcing your payroll eases your mind and enables you to focus on adding value to your company.

Top benefits of our payroll services:

  • Consistent, accurate, and timely payroll you can depend on, gives you peace of mind and makes it easy when tax season rolls around 

  • Monthly and quarterly taxes are always accurate, on time, and filed electronically

  • Complexities like out-of-state employees and benefit plans are integrated seamlessly

  • Dedicated and available contact for any questions or concerns about your payroll

  • The salaries and wages of your employees are kept completely private from internal payroll processors

Bookkeeping Services

The foundation of a solid accounting function begins with accurate and timely bookkeeping. With our bookkeeping services, we will handle all your accounts payable and accounts receivable. We enter bills, manage vendor lists and aging reports, and issue checks and electronic payments. We also generate invoices, facilitate receiving payment, manage collections and credit services, and provide reconciliations of bank and general ledger accounts.

Top benefits of our bookkeeping services:

  • Peace of mind that your financials are always accurate and up to date

  • Resources on hand to ensure that no matter the situation with your employees (sick days, vacation time, maternity leave, etc.) your bookkeeping will always be covered

  • Accurate bank and credit card reconciliations

  • Consistent and timely payables and receivables management (billing, aging reports, payment facilitation, collections)

  • Clear picture of the financial performance of your operations through revenue and expense tracking

  • Improved cash management through balance sheet trend analysis

  • Full leverage of supplier credit services

  • Freedom for owners to invest more time in the right areas

  • Dedicated and available contact for any questions or concerns about your books

  • Receivable and payable information is kept private from employees

Accounting Software Services

Accounting software doesn’t have to be a stressor for you and your business. We can assess your accounting software needs, help you evaluate different options, implement the software, and train your employees to run it efficiently. We also help setup the proper segmentation and billing codes to keep all your jobs in order. At tax time, your taxes are as easy as handing over your file to your accountant.

Top benefits of our Accounting Software services:

  • Seamless transition to a new system

  • Increased efficiency through utilizing the appropriate procedures in your software

  • Set up chart of accounts following best practices

  • See detailed financial information for each of your jobs or clients

  • Simplified tax return process

  • Find the right system for your organization

  • Get a snapshot of your financial position at any given time

  • Dedicated and available contact for any questions or concerns about your accounting software

Reviews & Compilations Services

Stockholders, creditors, private investors, and the IRS often need assurance that a business’ financial statements accurately represent their true financial position. Our assurance services help ready your documents and prepare them in conformity with GAAP standards. Conversely, we can also help decipher GAAP formatted financial information for you and turn that information into actionable takeaways.

Top benefits of our Reviews & Compilations Services:

  • Assurance to third-parties that your financial statements are prepared to GAAP standards

  • Avoid rejection for financing due to inaccurate formatting on financial statements

  • CPA expertise to help make sense of your business’ valuable financial information

  • Dedicated and available contact that communicates regularly and is available for any questions or concerns preparing your documents