Organization Management & Consulting Options

We have been helping associations, faith-based organizations, social services organizations, private foundations, private schools, and other nonprofit entities achieve their goals for over 20 years and we understand the nuances that separate the nonprofit world from the business world. Whether you’re a growing organization that has reached the point where you need professional financial advice or you’re simply considering how to more effectively use your resources, we have a wide range of cost effective consulting services to help your organization succeed.

Nonprofit CFO/Finance Director Outsourcing Services

In day-to-day nonprofit management, accurate and insightful financial information is extremely valuable. Most organizations feel the need for the interpretation, forecasting, planning, and consistent financial guidance that a full-time CFO can bring but don’t have the expertise internally to provide that kind of insight. That’s where we come in; we bring you all the benefits of a CFO for a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee.

Top benefits of our CFO/Finance director Outsourcing services:

  • Know what your money is doing at all times with timely, accurate, consistent, and insightful financial information and guidance

  • An active partner engaged in the past, current, and future performance of your organization to walk with you through important decisions

  • More time for leadership to focus on achieving the mission instead of figuring out their finances

  • Budget monitoring and day-to-day spending oversight

  • Management of all financial relationships (bankers, insurers, attorneys, vendors, etc.)

  • Board of director guidance

  • Internal financial controls established and maintained

  • Fraction of the cost of full-time CFO, controller, or finance director

Nonprofit Strategic Planning Services

Whether you’re launching a new organization or looking to multiply your current mission, there are many factors to consider before making these decisions. We have helped hundreds of organizations think through all types of decisions about their future and we provide the insight, knowledge, and structure to help you craft the right strategic plan to move forward successfully.

Top benefits of our Strategic planning services:

  • Know where your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats are (SWOT analysis) and how to leverage them for your growth

  • Secure financing opportunities with a presentable organizational plan (business plan for nonprofits)

  • Make informed decisions with a clear picture of the market conditions and competitive landscape

  • Gain clarity on who your partners are

  • Understand when to grow your staff

  • Get a clear understanding of your building and equipment needs and associated costs (i.e. lease vs own)

  • Gain peace of mind by developing a 3-5 year financial plan

Grant and Loan Proposal Preparation and Assessment Services

Qualification for grants and loans require organizations to provide multiple documents that contain very specific and carefully formatted information about their nonprofit. Organizations can be denied funding opportunities simply because their documents weren’t formatted correctly. It is also critically important that leadership fully understands the terms of their loan options once they become available. We can help you prepare your documents correctly and give you a clear understanding of what each loan option will mean for your business.

Top benefits of our grant and Loan assessment Services:

  • Secure funding by presenting the vision of your organization in a formal package that can be clearly understood

  • Understand your loan options and the terms of the quotes available to you

  • Gain a clear picture of the most effective ways your new funding could be utilized

  • Documents formatted to the GAAP standard

Leadership Succession Planning Services

Planning for a leadership transition of your organization is an important and tedious task with many variables at play. We guide you through the necessary questions regarding your succession strategy and help you develop and implement a well-designed succession plan.

Top benefits of our Leadership succession planning services:

  • Peace of mind knowing the mission will transition smoothly to the next leader

  • Clear transition plan for current team

  • Independent voice to help navigate difficult board of director and staff conversations

  • Get an accurate valuation of the organization