Careers at Nienhuis

Great people will always be the at the core of our success and over the years, we have focused on building an environment and a culture that empowers people to do their best work.

Highlights of working at nienhuis:

  • Team-based Approach - We give our employees the trust and autonomy they need to succeed. No micromanagement, just support.

  • Growth - We know the value of a job well done and we provide continual opportunity to advance in management level and salary.

  • Workload Flexibility - We empower our employees to gauge their workload and find the balance that’s most productive.

  • Diverse Projects - Our employees have the opportunity to meet a wide range of client needs across many different industries.

  • Work/Life Balance - Employees can always flex their schedules as needed. Life takes precedence over work, not the other way around.

  • Competitive Benefits Package - Health, dental, and vision insurance, matching IRA up to 3%, full continued education tuition reimbursement (CPA, etc.)


Open Positions